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| our operations are tokenized so everybody can be part of our ventures | You can purchase a single token ( USD 5 ) just to become member of the club and get the insider communication sent to your e-mail ... contact and start a conversation...| | Wilfried Ellmer |

zgr638wfg752 • floating marina • token
ujg865lht649 • strategic partnership • token
hkl798ebh923 • business connection token
gtr756pol865 • classic nemo token • NemoToken™
lkm253rgh956 • san jose galleon • token
vft532pil834 • cartagena ship attendance token
kfh896rva327 • nautilus token code • Nautilus-Token ™
tbj935otz730 • colombia cattle business token
hgr297kwt365 • global real estate token
thg975res754 • safe value store • emerald token
nvb567uwn961 • floating clubbing platform • token
hbm462ikj983 • colombia emerald direct
tzu739hlg032 • medical seasteading token

Wilfried Ellmer

This list is only a "suggestion list" of tokens that are available and already established.
You can have any agreement you want written up as a whitepaper and converted into a token with a seperate code

contact and start a conversation...| | Wilfried Ellmer |

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