Deep Sea Habitat

The Deep Sea Habitat is in tradition of Conshelf which was a intent to colonize the ocean and make submarine living and working available for Aquanauts. Other than Conshelf, that was based on saturation diving, the Deep Sea Habitat is a pressure sphere of 6m diameter or more, made from massive concrete, that allows to stay at 1 Atmosphere at a deep sea wreck or investigation sites and deploy ROVS, newt suits, or similar equipment, for working purpose, cutting off the need of a expensive mother ship, saturation diving installations, and endless spooling of cable in storm conditions. This offers a mother ship free working base at very low cost in depth of 1000m and below - a new horizon in salvatage, and investigation. The Deep Sea Habitat is designed to enclose the necessary living and working space for a small crew in a giant pressure resistant concrete sphere, bring it to deep sea and stay there for weeks or months maintaining the whole deep sea operation mother ship, and cable spooling free, surface independent and autonomous.
The forming process developed for our prototype concrete submarine is able to form spheres of almost unlimited size. We can hand over those Habitat spheres ballasted and with saddle tank Deck ready to use in floating status.
We recommend to keep the deep sea habitat free of view ports and install a camera system with plasma screens instead.
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