Concrete submarine maintainance free

Maintenance Free:

Appropriately designed and constructed concrete hulls in the marine environment are almost free of maintenance. Regulatory inspection of the concrete structure is mainly limited to visual inspection and entails no significant cost. Recently constructed concrete platforms have been designed for an operational life of 50-70 years. The maintenance/OPEX aspect was decisive in Elf Congo’s decision to chose a concrete barge on the Nkossa project, ref. 6 and 7, as the concrete hull offered significant savings in expected maintenance cost. The barge will fulfil its functions on site without interruptions for 30 years and there is expected virtually no maintenance.

XIV National Conference on Structural Engineering,
Acapulco 2004

Offshore Structures - A new challenge

Knut Sandvik, Rolf Eie and Jan-Diederik Advocaat, of Aker Kvaerner Engineering & Technology AS, Arnstein Godejord, Kåre O.Hæreid, Kolbjørn Høyland and Tor Ole Olsen, of Dr.techn.Olav Olsen a.s - Norway


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