How to make a Submarine
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How to make a submarine

The question how to make a submarine has always intrigued private submarine builders. In fact making a submarine is not necessarily rocket science. It comes down to a pressure resistant hull and buoyancy control.

In fact there is nothing involved that can not be solved by a "molusk brain" which is the only resource that Nautilus has available for pulling off the task. It was for a good reason why the intelectual father of all submarines - Jules Verne - was so fascinated by those critters that he named his fictionary submarine Nautilus.

Having a closer look to their "engineering" you will find a very different "engineering aproach" with no dynamic diving and control surfaces involved - a concept that was not really implemented until the BEN FRANKLIN drift dive and stays forgotten by the military submarine building establishment.

At we do not implement a "civil version of a military submarine" with all the complicated and dangerous sistems and operation envelopes that military submarines normally struggle with. We go back to the origin Nautilus and its technical implementation Ben Franklin. Piccard compared it with a "smooth baloon ride under the sea". The concept works best if the hull is virtually "non compressible" - Nautilus is - our concrete submarine yacht hulls are - classic submarine steel hulls are not.

The focus at is to provide Nautilus - like submarine hulls that allow the owner to float gently in the ocean with a perfect depth control. No struggle with keeping depth as classic military sub concepts have to deal with.
This opens the possibility of long range cruising with small crews, aquaculture and farming, open ocean seasteading and much more.
Other than a classic surface yacht that is knocked around by the waves all the time - a submarine yacht is a quiet place where coffee cups stay on the table in all ocean conditions and sea sikness never comes up. It also has no need to move out of the hurricane route, and it provides its owner with a load capacity that a surface yacht can only dream of. A 18 m submarine yacht can load some 100 tons of supply, stores, fuel, etc...
This combined with small engine needs and no maintainance cost makes submarine yacht hulls as built by the base of excellence for a water based lifestyle.
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