Submarine Yacht loading capacity
Submarine Yacht loading capacity - the loading capacity of a submarine yacht is much superior to a surface yacht. Without taking the concept to the extremes the loading capacity can be somewhere at half of the hull displacement. This would mean some 100 tons in a 18 m submarine yacht as shown in the pictures above.

Submarine Yacht loading capacity - the superior loading capcity makes submarine yachts - long range cruising and live aboard vehicles by excellence. Having the store capacity of 4 giant trucks at your disposition you can really plan for a independent lifestyle at a remote coral island.

But you can also use the load capacity of your boat to economize purchase processes. Buying diesel and canned food specificly where it is cheap and easy available.

You also might think in using your submarine yachts loading capacity as a asset by bringing a load of cool beer to a remote island and trade it for local goods - making a living that way.

It is not only the load capacity but the load capacity combined with the "let alone capacity". All yachties suffer from the problem that when they let the yacht alone (to take a airticket home for a visit) - all their stuff becomes vulnerable to burglars or to damage by climate and animals like sea lions, birds, bears, etc. In many cases they find their "floating home" almost destroyed when returning. The submarine yacht is different - you close the hatch and your stuff is as protected as it would be in a bank safe.

No animal (including bears) can break in. No human burgler can break the hatch with a tool that he could deploy on the anchor place.

The way you keep your submarine yacht balanced in all load situations is to alterate pay load and ballast (sand) in the ballast compartments.

Load capacity, load management, load safety, is a field where a submarine yacht has a clear advantage over surface yachts.

The hull of the 20 ton prototype at the moment when it was released from the crane. As you can see the hull floats around the centerline. This means half of the hull displacement is available as "payload" - for tanks, engine, comfort, and ballast. In a later phase of the project with all stuff on board and a "Sail" on top of the hull to protect the entrance hatch from waves the prototype submarine yacht floats with most of the hull under the waterline. What brings up a extremly nice behavior in waves, as there is absolutly no rolling or other sea sickening movements.

Having the hull anchored in a open bay in summer storms and winter ice cover. The prototype performed so well that we where inspired to go for a much wider concept than submarine weekend yachts. It was a kind of revelation to drive out to the test site on a cold winter day with minus 20 degrees, board that hull and find that there was still a enyoyable 15 degree temperature in the boat - product of the temperature equalizing effect of the surrounding water.

Equally summer heat of 35 degree plus where eqalized to a nice perfect 18 degree room temperature. Not only the temperature inside the hull was always perfect - the ambient was always full of light and absolute condensation free.

This was a surprise that we had not expected in first place. We contribute that lack of condensation to the excellent thermal properties of concrete, the low level temperature changes inside the hull leaving no condesation surfaces and a efficient ventilation on anchor place over the snorkel sistem. All those factors contributed that we where never concerned about the possible damage we would find on the submarine yacht after a few weeks of absence. We always enjoyed ideal temperature and calm "leave coffee cup on table" conditions in any weather conditions. Combined with a ultra low energy consumption and a noise free cruising - the submarine yacht concept brings up some MAJOR advantages compared to surface yachts.

With the next generation of 200ton submarine yachts (see above) we plan to expand this set of capacities to open ocean living and cruising, world wide touring capacity, superior trade and store capacity.

Making yacht living a lot more feasible and enjoyable.


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