Wilfried Ellmer
Elementary School - Bad Goisern
1968 - 1772

High School-Bundesrealgymnasium Bad Ischl

1972 -1980
University Innsbruck
1980 - 1983
Military service
Eastern Europe
South America
Agro Industrial 1995-1997
Internet IMU 1997
Tourism 1998

Import, Export, Advisor, Market Development, Independent Projects:

Current Projects


Austrian, Expat, German, English, Spanish, lives in Colombia (South America) since 15 years, Product Manager, Marketing, Sales, Market launches, Technology, Pharmacy, Agro-Industrial, Tourism, Internet, Advisor, Market development, Sales representation, Ship repair, - Your man in Colombia (South America). Independent Marketing Manager South America, Business Man, South America Expatriate Manager, doing business in Colombia, business development, advice, cooperation, commission base, sales and distribution network development - moving things forward in Latin America.

Born 16.10.1962, Hallstatt Austria Europe. Science High School Bad Ischl (8 years). Studies Natural Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanics, 4 years University Innsbruck ( TIROL ) and Graz. 1983-1990 sales Representative for ...


BEHRING GmbH , producer of computerized analyzers for enzyme and virus diagnostics, part of the German chemical giant HOECHST. W.E. installs and implements various projects in important labs among these is a automatic analyzer at the main laboratory of the University Hospital in Innsbruck. With a volume of 3000 tests daily this machine becomes the most important piece of equipment of the lab and and produces additional sales volume of 5,3 million Euro / year in virus and enzyme tests for Behring. W.E is responsible for initiating and pulling off the deal, conducts the negotiations with laboratory physicians and administrative staff, instructs lab technicians, convinces, and implements technically demanding projects like this with great success. After 6 years of employment W.E leaves BEHRING and changes to...


ELI LILLY ; A big pharmaceutical company of American origin. W.E. moves rapidly from sales to product manager for hospital products. Is responsible for 22 products (Antibiotics, Cancer treatment) with a volume of 20 million Euro / year. Develops marketing strategies, controls, and instructs 12 sales representatives, and holds full responsibility for Division Austria in Euro central Vienna. In this function W.E. launches the cancer treatment product Gemcitibine as first product manager worldwide, using the instrument of a exploring clinical trial, and develops therefore a new model for launching a product before its final approval for market by national authorities. W.E. earns "Standing Ovations" at the Lilly Product Manager Meeting in Rome for this non conventional product launch.


GO EAST ; The fall of the Berlin Wall opens eastern markets for LILLY and the development of those markets becomes responsibility of the European Central in Vienna. W.E gets the responsibility for new countries like Serbia, Croatia, and Poland. Unconventional methods and rapid moves are needed to get the job done. W.E starts distribution nets in those countries with little more than a typewriter and a single natives speaking sales-representative and develops those offices in a few years to full scale country organizations. In this period W.E discovers his passion for pioneer projects and market development in apparently "impossible" areas.


South America ; Married to a Colombian exchange student (1991 - 2004 / 2 kids ) W.E. is planning a stay in South America as next career step. 1995 (after 6 Years of employment) he leaves LILLY and goes with his family to Colombia (South America) working first for Agro-Industrial Providers, and later organizing adventure tourism. Looking for new ways to market Colombia tourism worldwide W.E finally finds in the new developing Internet a perfect tool (1997).


INTERNET ; W.E develops several websites and discovers earlier than many others that search engines are the centerpiece of internet marketing. As webmaster for his own tourism business W.E learns Internet and its developments from the very beginning from a marketing oriented view. So he is among the first in the newly developing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) industry. As increasing guerilla activity makes tourism a risky business, WE finally founds IMU - Internet Marketing Unlimited - (1998) develops websites, search engine and internet marketing strategies, for customers worldwide. In this time W.E sends Search Engine Reports to his customers to monitor their visibility in AltaVista, Yahoo, Excite, WebCrawler, and other top search engines. Coming across a new engine he sends out a memo to his customers which titles "a new star is born..." explaining how the result pages of this newcomer bring a new dimension in relevancy - the name of the engine GOOGLE. Since then visibility and ranking in GOOGLE has become a anchor point for most market and product development projects W.E is dealing with.South America - Market Development

Colombian exporters frequently ask W.E. for advice in their efforts to conquer the European (German speaking) marketplace. Equally German businessmen are looking for advice and support in their launches on the South American field. Therefore the center of activity has been shifting from Internet to advise, international marketing activity, sales net development, key account development, sales representation, and other aspects of "doing business with Latin America".
Currently W.E. lives in Cartagena Colombia and develops the South American market especially for German firms that do not have their own resident managers for a South America market development. Focus is market development from cero.

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Current available for projects - transfer possible



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