Clinica dental movil completa

Clinica dental movil en remolque 4/6m x 2,2m equipado con todo un consultorio dental. Se envia completo desde alemania. Cumple con standards europeos.

Mobile dental Clinics

The insulated mobile clinic is based on a double axle trailer.

Length, are plant with 4,00 or 6,00 meters, only the room size.

Wide will 2,20 meter

Total height with wheels 250 cm.

The manufacturing ( factory ) will be very close to HANNOVER, only 80 km away, or 110 km from Hamburg.

The technical level is very high and very good.

The equipment will let no wish open.

It is higher than normal European standard.

The price will be very attractive

Regarding the qty of ordered system will have influence to the price .

Specification of dental clinic

Equipment :

Electrical dental chair with all needed function and standard accessories

Dr. Head light

Intra Oral camera with 17 inch TFT display

Ultrasonic cleaner basin

Autoclave system 10 - 15 litre size

Air turbine Hand piece

Two way syringe system

Low speed Hand piece

Light cure system

Wireless light cure system

Ultrasonic scalar 2 sets

X- ray unit

X- ray film developer

Endo Motor

Micro motor

Prophy unit

Prophy mate system

Apex Locator

Amalgamator 2 sets

1 set of dental surgical standard tools

Dr. Stool

Nurse chair

Drilling hand piece tools from NSK


Aircon system with heater unit

Emergency power generator diesel or gasoline regarding to the destination area

2 - 3 windows

1 door

Light system

Vehicle light system

2 sets of different water tanks

Water pump system .

Dental working bench with water basin.

Hand wash disinfection system.

Induction cooking plate.

CD- Tuner Stereo system .

Computer with 17 inch Flat screen monitor and photo printer system

Digital camera

Special floor system for easy cleaning .

Outside power connector system .

1 Set of standard consumer material.

1 Set of standard service spare parts for clinic and trailer.

External power cable

For the 6 meter version only: double layer bed system .

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