Planta de tratamiento de Residuos Solidos Organicos

Planta electrica para la quema de cualquier tipo de solidos. En un comienzo diseñada para el processo de residuos solidos de la cria de ganado en 1980 la planta fue conservada debidamente y sigue en un estado optimo.
Fue concebido para recibir (1200 tons/day) residuos organicos solidos y se puede adaptar facilmente para cualquier combustible con mas de 7,000 BTUs /pound y contenido de ceniza de menos que 50%
La planta tiene permiso para operar con hasta 48 megawatts.
Precio como es (sitio USA) $ 21,851,500 USD
Angebot: 06/926

This plant, built in the late 1980’s in a rural agricultural area, was designed to burn manure as the primary fuel. The plant operated only until 1994, when the local power company elected to buy out the Power Purchase Agreement. At that time the plant was properly decommissioned, and remains in very good condition.

The facility was designed to handle large volumes of cow manure (1200 tons/day). However,
because the plant utilizes a fluidized bed boiler, it can be easily modified to burn any type of solid fuel with a heat rate greater than 7,000 BTUs per pound and ash content less than 50%. The plant site is currently permitted to operate up to 48 megawatts.

Major plant equipment: STEAM TURBINE
Manufacturer: Transamerica Delaval
Rated capacity: 17890 kW
Inlet steam: 750 psig / 900 deg. F
Extractions: 30 psia / 9.8 psia
Number of stages: 11
Speed: 5980 rpm


Manufacturer: Transamerica Delaval
Ratio: 3.322:1 (5980/1800 rpm) GENERATOR
Manufacturer: Alsthom
Rated capacity: 21,118 kVA
Power factor: 0.85
Phase / Frequency: 3 / 60 Hz
Voltage: 13,800 volts


Manufacturer: Graham
Rating: 145,500 PPH / 12,780 GPM
Tubing: Admiralty brass


Other plant equipment


o Two (2) multiple hearth furnaces
o Two (2) bubbling fluid bed shells (rated at 40 million BTU each)
o Post combustor vessels
o Standard Havens 8 module baghouse
o Exhaust stack (125 ft.) and emission control (NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, H20, O2, and temperature/flow)
o TLT-Babcock I.D. fan
o Two (2) TLT-Babcock fluid bed fans
o Two (2) MHF combustion air fans
o Two (2) MHF shaft cooling air fans
o Chicago Heater deaerator (capacity 160,000 lbs/hr with 25,000 lbs. storage)
o Two (2) vertically mounted Ingersol-Rand condensate pumps
o Three (3) eight-stage KSB centrifugal boiler feedwater pumps
o Two (2) steam drums
o Two (2) MHF pyrolysis gas recycle fans
o Two (2) TLT-Babcock fine gas recycle fans
o Two (2) TLT-Babcock secondary air fans
o Three (2) Ingersol-Rand central cooling system circulating pumps
o Three (3) Joy rotary screw plant air compressors
o Cooling tower system, gearbox and fans
o Water demineralization plant
o Ash storage silo (160 ton capacity)
o Sand storage silo
o Limestone storage silo
o Biomass conveyer system
o Misc. electrical equipment, including motor control systems, uninterruptible power supply and
emergency battery bank, 150 kW emergency diesel engine generator, switchgear, circuit breaker, and transformers

Improvements - The power plant facility is composed of a number of buildings and features. A large storage building on the east side, which was used to store fuel (manure). The main power generating portion of the facility is composed of (2) large furnaces, boilers, ductwork, baghouse, exhaust stack, turbine, generator, transformers, cooling towers water treatment fuel handling system, and ash handling systems. A small metal building containing offices, lab, control room, battery room, switchgear room and locker room facilities. A shop building for housing trucks and equipment. A raw water storage pond, septic and leaching systems and a storm-water runoff basin. The site is enclosed by chain link fence. All utilities are installed underground except electric transmission lines which are overhead.
Monitoring of emissions - The plant has NOx, SOx , CO, CO2, H2O, O2, and temperature/flow
emission monitoring equipment installed on the stack. Test ports for emissions testing are located on a 360o platform on the 165 foot tall, 6’-11\" inside diameter, self-supporting insulated stack.
Fugitive dust emissions are contained by paved or dust-retardant roads and water spray via existing water wagon on site.

Location: o USA Price:
o As-Is, Where-Is $ 21,851,500 USD

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