Planta de papas fritas

Planta de papas fritas 300-400kg por hora. La planta es renovada con un nuevo tablero electrico. Ocupa un espacio de 32mX 2,2 m año de fabricacion 1990. Garantia 1año.
Precio: € 298.000,-- sitio alemania
1 Complete Used Potato chip plant
1 kompl. gebr. Kartoffelchipanlage
overhauled, incl. new switchboard

maker: type FMC-Levatti
output: 300-400 kg/h according to the product and recipe,
consisting of:
potato tilting device for boxes of 500 kg capacity
for the feeding of a
dry sorting station with bunker,
horizontal separator for separating from earth, sand, roots, etc.,
passing in
vertical conveying belt for the feeding of an
horizontal stone + sand sorting machine
with heated storage tank, water circulation pump,
cleaned potatoes in
dosing bunker over
potato peeling machine, 50 l capacity,
with mit carborundum discs,
pneumatic discharge in
potato sorting belt with platform
for the manual sorting of uncleaned potatoes,
(2-4 operators)
in washing + rinsing machine with elevator
for the feeding of
1 URSCHEL potato cutting machine,
with various inserts, standing on platform,
cut potatoes in
blanching + rinsing line for washing out the potato flour,
heated, with ventilating hood + delivery belt in
fryer, abt . 8 m long, with level control,
potato turning arrangement, with protective hoods + ventilating hood,
built-in coarse filter,
draining section, oil circulation pump, heat exchanger,
three-way valve for controlling the oil temperature,
with re-filling tank for edible oil, 500 l capacity,
delivery in
salting and spicing line,
all gear units mechanically adjustable,
incl. switchboard for the whole plant;
space required: abt. 32 m long x 2,2 m wide
plus heat exchanger + switchboard to be positioned on side.
year of construction 1990

Price: € 298.000,-- EXW Germany, incl. dismantling and packing.

Delivery: shortjy, abt. 3 months.

Guarantie: 1 year on all parts to be renewed.

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