Isla Palma
Isla Palma - Archipielago San Bernardo

Oficina: Bgde. Cra. 1 Nol 10-10 / Tels 6654400

Those who love nature and enjoy the pleasant and sensual aromas of the ocean, mixed with the Caribbean mangrove jungle, will fall in love with this small and enchanting private island paradise; a unique and incomparable vacation spot where the white sandy beaches bathed by the warm, crystal-clear waters of San Bernardo cause everyone to marvel at the beauty of nature. One simply canít fail to relax and enjoy oneself in this island original.

An exclusive private island located in the Natural National Park of Islas del Rosario and the San Bernardo Archipelago, just two hours from Cartagena. The hotel is surrounded by exotic coral reef beaches, swamps, and mangroves; where a rich variety of continental and marine fauna and flora abound.