Boat delivery in port or offshore
Boat delivery in port or offshore, SERVICES Our Company offers a virtually unlimited list of products because of our vast corporate networking capability through out Colombia. Everything we do is geared towards benefiting our customers. We have built our reputation by offering a reliable, cost effective service to meet the needs of shippers and customers both large and small.

We handle all Ship Chandelling activities, including:

Cash to master
Superintendent attendance for carrying out repairs and vessel inspections
Reconditioning of cylinder heads, piston crowns, and exhaust valves with class certification
Supply of spare parts, new and used
and not to mention all types of engine, cabin, and deck provisions & bonded stores
Cleaning of spares, warehousing (at no charge), and forwarding (at cost)
Workshop Services
Liaison for supply of Gas, Paints and Chemicals
Life raft repairs and re-certification
Container lashing
Hatch cleaning
Marine engineering work
Computer & Hardware
Crew Mail Forwarding
Medical services for crew
Arrangement for crew changes

Fire Inspection Service Electric Motor repair Fabrication Analyzer and Calibration needs Boat delivery in port or offshore Crew Transfers LifeRaft Repair Liferaft Certification Chart and Publications Foreign Garbage Disposal Prop Washing Medical Chest Supply Freight Forwarding Agency Work Customs Clearance Delivery of Ship Stores Riggers Drum delivery and removal. Hull Inspections Underwater Video Computer Repair Bunkers