Delivery of Ship Stores
Delivery of Ship Stores - We offer a complete range of fresh food (vegetable, fruit, dairy products, fish, meat, poultry and bakery) which is purchased and delivered daily from the market, frozen food (fish, meat, poultry, dairy, bake-off) and dry food (cereals, grains, canned food, coffee, tea, rice, pasta, spices, condiments, etc). Our purchasing departments source products from all over the caribbean to achieve the correct balance of price, quality and availability. Wrist offers an extensive assortment of food specialities from many different countries. Our clients depend on the fact that our system delivers each day - whatever, whenever and wherever. Our departments are responsible for supporting commercial, cruise and navy fleets with JIT deliveries - and zero deviation tolerance. BONDED STORES Our bonded division stocks a wide range of beers, spirits, cigarettes and confectionary, as well as perfumes, toiletries and an exclusive range of gift items. Additionally we offer our customers a very extensive range of electronic items, including the very latest models of TV, video and stereo equipment. Our range also extends to clothing and luggage items meaning we can satisfy everyone's needs. All bonded items are featured in our attractive full colour bonded catalogue which is available on request. CABIN STORES A complete range of cabin stores is available from all our branches. Everything from soap to bedding and gallery equipment is available in a variety of ranges, satisfying our most demanding customers' requirements. Initial equipping of new-buildings can be done by sourcing equipment from around the world. We ensure that all partners in the purchasing process are satisfied from the purchasing departments to the individual sailors. In Wrist, we regard this to be our duty. DECK AND ENGINE STORES We carry out all types of ship accessories and nautical equipment. Items for deck, engine and cabin are available from our comprehensive warehouses. Charts, nautical publications, flags and stationary as well as safety equipment, rust removers, brushes, tools and much more is available from our stock. We deliver engine stores, such as tools, bolts, screws, steel as well as heavy machinery. We also supply electrical equipment in all voltage ranges to suit any application, e.g. from a simple light bulb to the most advanced electronics. STORES NETWORK Our network is striving to perfect the service provided to ship owners, cruise operators and management companies based on three simple objectives: wherever, whenever, whatever. These are keys to achieving our goals, both short and long term. We operates through a set of policies on quality, health, safety and environment. Due to the nature of the customers serviced by Wrist, we have a natural obligation to observe, document and act responsibly in all aspects of our supply chain. SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT REDUCE ADMINISTRATION We offer a single point of contact solution, ensuring one-to-one contact between vessel/purchase department and office - no matter where the delivery will take place. An additional feature is EDI-enabled requisition processing (ordering, order registration, invoicing). Wrist has implemented EDI-enabled requisition processing with some of the world's largest ship owners. WAREHOUSES IN Cartagena Today we operate fully equipped (administration, storage, freezing/chilling, shipping) Geographical spread enables us to offer a global reach to our customers and ensure a short time-to-market approach wherever, whenever and whatever the needs and requirements may be.